Week 15


Covered content

  • Final Exam Review Session is Friday, December 9 from 1 PM to 3 PM PST in Walter Annex Room 101
  • Extra office hour is Friday, December 9 from noon to 1 PM in Walter Annex Room 101
  • Final Exam Review Problems are here
  • My filled out examples for all five of the “There is Only One Test” hypothesis test examples is here

Week 14


Covered content

  • CHALK TALK: Review “The Only One Test” graphic hypothesis testing framework for each of the five types of basic hypothesis tests:
    • One Proportion
    • One Mean
    • Two Proportions
    • Two Means (Independent Samples)
    • Two Means (Paired Samples)
  • Download the sample Final Project template available here
    • One person in your group should sign up for Rpubs.com
    • Publish this Final Project knitted HTML file with all of your names to Rpubs.com
  • Work on Final Project

To do for next time

  • Finish Group Project
  • Complete Peer Review and Individual Review printed forms for Group Project
  • Send me an email giving AT LEAST three pieces of advice to students next semester on how to succeed in the course. The more specific your responses the better.
  • Complete course evaluations (link in your Pacific email)


Covered content

  • Discuss Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals in more settings
  • Show the traditional ways to do hypothesis tests
  • Look over the Inference Mind Map here
  • Work on Practice Problems from Mind Map in class
  • Work on Final Project

To do for next time

  • Meet with me in groups for Feedback Sessions following the schedule here
  • Continue working on ideas for your Final Group Project.
    • Focus on creating plots that help you tell the story you want to tell.
      • Don’t just produce the basic ggplot plots. Jazz them up!
    • Remember that the Final Project is due at 11:59 PM on Monday, December 5
    • A sample Final Project template is available here
    • It should be clear of all typos and published to Rpubs.com including all of your names
    • Email me with a link to your Rpubs.com submission before 11:59 PM on Monday, December 5
    • You’ll be completing a peer review form as well for the Final Group Project

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Week 5 - Data Viz (Scatter-plots and Line-graphs)

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