Week 4


Covered content

  • Plicker questions based on your submitted multiple choice questions
  • Talk about which plots are appropriate for a given data set
  • Discuss responses to your questions from PS5
  • Ask you to produce some histograms, boxplots, and barplots in R Markdown
  • Time in class to finish Lab 2
  • Complete one-third-term course evaluation

To do for next time

  • Complete corrections for Lab 2 by 3 PM tomorrow
  • Read Sections 4.5 and 4.6 of MODERN DIVE textbook
  • Complete PS6 by 10 AM on Monday
  • Begin work on Lab 3

Getting Lab 3 (in groups of 3)

  • To obtain the lab, copy the following R code into the Console where EMAIL is your Pacific email (mine is isma5720@pacificu.edu) and LastnameFirstname is where you have shared your RStudio project with me (mine is IsmayChester):

      file.copy(from = "/shared/isma5720@pacificu.edu/lab3.Rmd",
                to = "/home/EMAIL/LastnameFirstname/")
  • You now can work on the lab3.Rmd file and save your results there.
  • You’ll only turn in one lab per your group. Your partners have been assigned in the Google Sheet here.


Covered content

  • Plicker questions over MODERN DIVE Chapter 3, MODERN DIVE Sections 4.1-4.3, and R so far
  • Demo some examples of making histograms and boxplots in R Markdown
  • Ask you to produce some histograms in R Markdown
  • Time in class to ask questions about Lab 2

To do for next time

  • Finish Lab 2 by 3 PM tomorrow
  • Read Section 4.4 of MODERN DIVE textbook
  • Review comments on Lab 2
    • Lab 2 revisions due on Thursday at 3 PM
    • Make sure to Knit to HTML for full credit
    • You must attempt all exercises in the lab for credit. “I don’t know how to do this.” or “I’m not sure.” are not valid reasons. I’m here to help, but you have to take the initiative to reach out to me!
  • Complete PS5 by 10 AM on Wednesday