Week 8


Covered content

  • Work through Quiz practice problems from PS10
  • All problems are available here

To do for next time

  • Complete PS11 by 10 AM on Monday
  • Study for Quiz #3 on Monday over Chapters 3 to Section 5.2 over MODERN DIVE.
  • Begin working on Lab 5 alone.
  • Schedule a time to meet with/chat your group about the problems. You’ll have some time in class on Monday to work on this as well, but the expectation is that each of you have started it on your own first.
  • Enter your group and whose project I will be grading by 4 PM on Monday, October 24 into the Google Sheet here.
  • I will be handing out Peer Review and Individual Review forms for you to fill out on your own and about your group-mates. Part of your lab grade (potentially a significant amount) will be on how well you worked as a teammate and how much work you put into the lab as explained by your classmates and yourself. Don’t be a free-loader! Take this as an opportunity to learn and ask questions and to teach others. You’ll learn the material much better if you take this strategy.

Getting Lab 5 (groups of 4)

  • To obtain the lab, copy the following R code into the Console where EMAIL is your Pacific email (mine is isma5720@pacificu.edu) and LastnameFirstname is where you have shared your RStudio project with me (mine is IsmayChester):

      file.copy(from = "/shared/isma5720@pacificu.edu/lab5.Rmd",
                to = "/home/EMAIL/LastnameFirstname/")


Covered content

  • Work through Chapter 5 practice problems individually, in groups, and as a class
    • Shared via an RStudio Project called ps9all
    • Also available via
file.copy(from = "/shared/isma5720@pacificu.edu/ps9all.Rmd",
              to = "/home/EMAIL/LastnameFirstname/")

To do for next time

  • Read Sections 5.2 and 5.3 of A MODERN DIVE into Data with R
  • PS10: Create AT LEAST five multiple choice questions with four responses over the content in Chapters 3, 4, and 5 before 10 AM on Wednesday, October 19

Getting PS10

Run the following in the R console where EMAIL is your Pacific University email (mine is isma5720@pacificu.edu) and LastnameFirstname is the name of the project you created (mine is IsmayChester):

file.copy(from = "/shared/isma5720@pacificu.edu/ps10.Rmd",
              to = "/home/EMAIL/LastnameFirstname/")