Week 2


Covered content

  • Make sure needed R packages are installed
  • Go over Plicker questions reviewing variables and observational units
  • Share your RStudio project with me
  • Walk through many of the examples in Chapters 3-5 of Getting Used to R book

To do for next time

  • Read Chapter 3 of MODERN DIVE textbook
  • Complete LC3.1 - LC3.6 and other questions in PS2 by 10 AM on Monday
  • Complete as much as possible of Lab 1
    • Lab 1 draft (must attempt all exercises for credit) due on Tuesday at 3 PM
    • Great way to study for the quiz

Getting Lab 1

  • First create a new folder called lab1 in your LastnameFirstname folder by clicking the New Folder button in the Files tab in the lower right of RStudio
  • To obtain the lab, copy the following R code into the Console:

      file.copy(from = "/shared/isma5720@pacificu.edu/lab1.Rmd",
                to = "/home/EMAIL/LastnameFirstname/lab1")

    where EMAIL is your Pacific email (mine is isma5720@pacificu.edu) and LastnameFirstname is where you have shared your RStudio project with me (mine is IsmayChester).

  • You now can work on the lab1.Rmd file and save your results there.