I’ve led many workshops on using R and R Markdown at Reed College for a variety of topics including

  • data analysis
  • statistical inference
  • data visualization
  • reproducible research
  • senior thesis development
  • interactive data visualization
  • dynamic web application frameworks using shiny
  • importing and tidying/reshaping data

Slides from many of these workshops and other projects can be found on my RPubs.com page and on GitHub.

Revealjs slides from August 2016 talks are below:

  • Putting the R in CIS - Computing & Information Services at Reed is available here.
  • Creating and Using Templates in R Markdown - Portland R Data Group Meetup is available here. Video of the talk is here.

  • In May of 2016, Andrew Bray and I hosted a conference of Pacific Northwest educators along with eCOTS 2016. Materials can be found here.

A listing of other talks and presentations I have given can be found in my CV.