Week 6


Getting Take Home Exam 1

  • To obtain the exam, copy the following R code into the Console where EMAIL is your Pacific email (mine is isma5720@pacificu.edu) and LastnameFirstname is where you have shared your RStudio project with me (mine is IsmayChester):

      file.copy(from = "/shared/isma5720@pacificu.edu/exam1.Rmd",
                to = "/home/EMAIL/LastnameFirstname/")
  • You now can work on the exam1.Rmd file and save your results there.
  • The exam is due at 2 PM PDT on Monday, October 10. You don’t need to do anything to turn it in other than making sure you have saved the exam1.Rmd file and knitted to HTML to produce an exam1.html file before the deadline.


Covered content

To do for next time

  • Study for Take Home Exam 1
  • Take Home Exam 1
    • Distributed at the beginning of class on Wednesday
    • Due at 2 PM on Monday, October 10th on the RStudio Server
    • Make sure to Knit HTML your Rmd file for full credit