Week 7


Covered content

  • Introduction to dplyr package
  • Work through many of the Lab 4 questions in class

To do for next time

  • Re-read Chapter 5 and create five of your own problems (in partners if you like) using the gap data frame you downloaded for Exam 1 based on the FMV. An example would be (no you can’t use this as one of your five problems):

## Exercise 1

What is the mean life expectancy in 2007 for each subRegion?

Save this file with your five Exercises as gap.Rmd in your LastnameFirstname folder.

  • We will work through many of these problems in class on Monday.


Covered content

Getting Lab 4 (individual)

  • To obtain the lab, copy the following R code into the Console where EMAIL is your Pacific email (mine is isma5720@pacificu.edu) and LastnameFirstname is where you have shared your RStudio project with me (mine is IsmayChester):

      file.copy(from = "/shared/isma5720@pacificu.edu/lab4.Rmd",
                to = "/home/EMAIL/LastnameFirstname/")

To do for next time

  • Finish Lab 4 draft (Due on Wednesday, October 12 at 4 PM)
  • Quiz yourself on the content in Sections 5.1 and 5.2